Life and Health Insurance with Health Concern(s)


Obtaining Life Insurance when living with a health condition can become a frustrating process but it should not mean that there is no insurance available to the families and loved one who need it the most. Agents of Hoskins Agency and Associates are experienced to offer policies after assessing an individual affected by health concerns. We feel that this type of need requires more attention to details, such as age of diagnosis, current state of overall health, policy type, and other factors to prevent a denial. Although commonly rejected conditions may become worse, there are many case when the overall state of health of the requesing insured has improved or is maintained. There may or may not be more paper work involved for our agents but this is why our service is rapidly growing in popularity.


There are multiple forms of diabetes.

Blood pressure may be regulated and maintained.

Mental health issues may have been caused by a one-time event, seasonal, or is properly maintained.

There are different severities of cancer or some cancers can go into remission.

Musculoskelatal disorders may be difficult to explain.

Substance abuse is a difficult subject to talk about for most individuals.


We make sure that disussing your needs is confidential and respectful. Also we are able to offer more simplified guaranteed issued and final expense products with under 4 questions if desired. Term life insurance can be rated, however we strongly recommend permanent life policies to cover basic coverage needs as more coverage may be added at a later time if eligible. Permanent insurance cannot expire as long as premiums are paid. A permanent policy may sustain itself after 15 years (example of term policy length used),  a 15 yr term policy cannot and may expire too late in age to replace the coverage. Applying for life insurance when living with a health concern requires more thought.


As for health insurance, recent government changes increases the possibility of obtaining coverage at a far better premium than in the previous years. Our agents are updated and experienced to ensure that your needs are met as well as any questions. Currently disabled individuals may benefit from our associated companies' line of Medicare products to help lower copays and other out-of-pocket expensives.


Our agency can conduct a quick assessment and explain the policy type that best suit the coverage needs with affordability in mind. Call to discuss your matter with comfort.