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Are Your Benefits Competitive?


Employees often look first to their employer for benefit options.

You can help provide life and disability income protection through individual insurance with features available exclusively through the worksite at no cost to your business. Also your employees will have the advantage of obtaining coverages they could not afford on their own for themselves and their families.


- Simplified underwriting for eligible employees.
- Premium discount.


Portable Coverage
Employees can take the coverage with them if they leave your company and still retain the premium discount.


Cost-Neutral Solutions
There is no cost to your company to offer coverage to your employees. It is offered on a voluntary basis; employees pay the premium.

Companies may choose to provide employer-paid coverage to select employees as part of their executive benefits package.


Full Implementation Support

 All my service to remove the administrative burden from human resource departments and benefit managers. All I need from you is your support and I will take care of the rest. As an employer you will recieve:


- Dedicated team of specialists for every case
- Comprehensive and customized communication choices
- Robust online and paper application options. 
- One-on-one employee assistance

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