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Health, Cancer, and Other Coverages

Ask how these coverages may help with your life protection during the years of living. Most people are not aware of the choices available for protection from other issues that can limit or dramatically reduce the income of a family very suddenly.


There are solutions to gaps in health coverages that are affordable whether applied as stand-alone or to supplement Major Medical coverages. These policy types are designed to provide a stream of income for to be applied towards health costs or to be used to maintain living expenses. They are highly useful in the event of unforseen illness or disabilty that Social Security will not cover or may take years for approval.


Some coverages offer a lump-sum amount upon diagnosis of a major illness (generally $10000 - $30000), daily payment amounts, and other forms of protection. Smaller amounts would include $500-$1000 in ER admission benefit plus daily hospitalization, while some cancer (or other dread disease) provide on-going financial support for living and payments for experimental treatment. The only difference is that these policy types do not include preventative care and routine exams like Major Medical does and benefits pay directly to the insured when the event occurs.  Therefore the premiums are a lot smaller and highy affordable.


Similar policies may be included in your employment benefits package in regards to accidents, however a stand-alone policy grants the benefit regardless of where the accident occurs. Coverage includes accidents that happen off the job that Workman's Compensation excludes.


Health & Accident Insurance Coverages

  • Cancer

  • Critical Illness

  • Dread Disease

  • Hospitalization

  • Accident

  • Medicare Supplements

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